I recently got a band together for battle of the bands and have some questions.

1.) We have to perform a cover so we picked "Smells Like Teen Spirit". I am the bassist and singer and can play it ok. The thing is, I am a bit nervous singing it. I want to sound like Kurt, but can't. I can sing our originals fine because the audience has never heard of them, but I just don't wanna mess up the song. Should I care how I sound(I am not incredible, but not horrendous either)?

2.) How do I interact with the audience? It is a points category that our band is going to get graded on and with mye singing and playing bass, it's kinda hard. Should I just let the guitarists do that?

3.) We have 2 guitarists and are playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit". How do we incorporate the other guitarist?

Thank you!!!
learn a cover with 2 guitar parts
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1-- No, just make it your own, dont make it sound like ****
2-- During the solo or some slow parts or where yo're fine say Get Up come on mess around a lot watch Muse lie, Green Day live, a lot off ppl.
3-- Harmonies my friend, clean perfect tuned playing and it sounds SWeet like one guy plays whammy pedal an octave higher on the solo.


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yeah that is really not the best choice for a cover. go with something a little more singable.
Nirvana. Dude. Hahaha.
Anyways, my personal opinion is that as a vocalist, you want to stick basically to the original vocals, but with somebody like Cobain, just try and mumble stuff. Hahaha.
Also, as lead singer, you interact with the crowd. "How the **** are you all doin tonight" is a good one.
Just play the same parts. During the solo, whoever isn't playing the solo plays the backing riff.

Good luck with the gig bro.
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Can you guys improv?

When my buddies and I play together we usualy get like 1-2 drummers 2 bassists and 3 guitar players and we will play this song... Make the solo longer... different effect... Like I will use an auto wah while someone holds reg distortion and someone uses a chorus... or play the back track and solo over.... share the solo... One guy play the first part... the next guy play the second part and then when it comes to the ending of he solo that repeats a few more times play together.... Just rock it out

As for singing, or hell even playing any of the instruments.... This is Nirvana... Ever watch there live stuff? That is all I gotta say about that... and yeah during the solo for eye contact walk around and look a the crowd, yell stuff... jump around?

Just basicaly... Rock your little hearts out hahaha
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