I have an Ibanez RG570DX. I know it's not the best guitar ever which is the reason I want mod a few things. It's a simple black gloss paint job but I will be refinishing it in the near future. There are two humbuckers (Infinity's) and one single coil (Also infinity). Iwas thinking about changing the buckers to possibly Invaders or Blackouts, but I have no idea about single coils. I'm looking for a single coil for nice cleans and maybe some RHCP stuff.

Any input or ideas?

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dont get invaders, too muddy.
Dont get Blackouts, get EMGs, then you could get EMG single coils as well with a switch between 9v and 18v so you can go from cleans to br00talz
It'll be a bitch to mix active Humbuckers with passive SCs. Check out the other DiMarzios ... I like their Virtual Vintage SCs: Blues, Heavy Blues, Solo, etc. ... will easily do those nice cleans and very nice growls through an overdriven amp, specially with that Basswood body. Also, I like the DM Breed, specially with Basswood ... very punchy mids, quite warm, and not as trebly as the Evo.

I also have an explorer with EMG's already, and I think I like the Invaders and Blackouts a bit better. But I do like the idea of an EMG for single.....
Hmmmmm....dimarzios.....I think I might for single coils, I tried out a modded strat a while back and they sounded sexy.

But what about me buckers? Are Invaders or Blackouts a good choice? I think I will stick to just passives...Or maybe I use an Invader AND a Blackout!? *shifty eyes* (I have no idea what I'm talking about, ignore that.)

so yes, blackout good?
like Ippon said, mixing passives and actives is a bitch, so either go all active or all passive
I'm probably going to go all passive.

so Dimarzios for singles, but what about buckers? The buckers will be used for primarily hard rock and metal, so...?
I didn't know there was a pick up picker....Thanks alot, that really helped, I htink I might be going for one of the velvets.

Anymore ideas on a humbucker?
What sort of hard rock and metal tones are you after? Give us a few names.
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I need a humbucker that's good for metal and hard rock but it's gotta be passive.

Wait for a bit...im getting an SH 5 soon.
My guitar's basswood too, so i could tell you how it compares to stock Ibanez.
Uh, for metal, it doesn't get very heavy. I don't play much black or death so stuff like All That Remains or As I lay Dying is probably as heavy as it gets. (but I also want nice tones for stuff like A7X or BFMV aswell)

Hard rock, y'know the standard stuff. Some classics liek GNR and Zeppelin.