i fixed the grounding issues i was having with my new active seymour duncans yesterday, but in doing so i somehow managed to make it where the pup selector switch doesn't work. it's a 3-way, and when it's either far left or far right, the pups are on, but when it's in the middle, they're muted. i like this feature, but the byproduct that i need help with is that it doesn't know the difference between the 2 pups. regardless of which way the switch is pointing, both pups are active, and i have to use the volume controls to switch between them. i don't know how this could've happened, cause i didn't change any wires except that one ground wire, and i don't see why that could've done anything to the switch. i resoldered all the joints to make sure everything was grounded, all the joints are shiny, but for some reason the switch does this. any thoughts on how i can fix this? i really need it to be able to switch from one pickup to another even if i lose the cool feature of having a killswitch, and i'm at a loss for ideas. the rest of the internet was of no help either, so i've turned to the UG community.
the hot wire from the output jack must be soldered to the middle lug. Do you have that?

I though actives didn't have to be grounded?
apparently they do because the schematics told me to ground pretty much everything. and if you mean the middle lug of the pup selector switch, then yea, it's soldered. for me though, the middle lug is actually 2 lugs connected by a thin wire. i believe the wire is supposed to be there.
If you can draw a diagram to show exactly what wires you have going where then itll be easier to help you (rather than us just guessing).