I bought a second hand Randall RG50TC about a year ago, since i have had it i have replaced the tubes with some JJ's and it sounds pretty good, but unfortunately there is a small tear in the speaker, and it makes it sound kinda flabby (for lack of a better word)

Anyway i figure i mayaswell replace the speaker rather than repairing it since i hear Celestion 70/80's are quite an average speaker.

I am unfortunately limited to either Celestion or Eminence due to being on a crappy island.

I was pretty certain i'd go with a V30, but i found out that their all made in China now. I would still probably go for the V30, but I was wondering if i'd be better off with another kind of celestion speaker such as a G12T75 (i think it was). Or possible some kind of eminence speaker.

The Randall RG50TC sort of lacks presence and has a very muddy bottom end. My main concern is tightening up the bottom end, and being able to cut through the mix a bit better when jamming with my band.

I mainly play metal but also some G&R type stuff, and definately lots of clean stuff too, but the primary focus is on metal.

I did a search, and found some useful information, but nothing that specifically answers my questions

Any advice would be much appreciated.

RG's & Mesa's