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Self explanatory. Post the name of the band too.

Mine would be...

"And I forget, just what it takes
To get a kiss, it makes me smile.
I find it hard, its hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind..."


BTW I used the searchbar and the last one was really long and old.
Eternity isn't long
If all you so is sleep
And forever is just a little while
If all you do is dream.

All Alone is All we Are
"Between the velvet lies, there's a truth as hard as steel"


Pretty much any Dio or Exodus lyrics actually, but that one just owns.
"The bitch is hungry so feed her well"


Quote by mattman93
This, atheists talk about religion more then religious people.

"See saw swingin' with your boys in the school
and your feet flyin' up in the air
I sing "hey diddle, diddle" put your kitty in the middle
of the swing like you didn't care
so I took a big chance at the high school dance
with a missy who was ready to play
wasn't me she was foolin'
cuz she knew what she was doin'
when she told me how to
walk this way!"

sorry I dunno how its lined...
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You know something is wrong when you have to utter the words "I have ganja in my eye" to your mother...

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Aliens don't exist. I live on Mars, and I can assure you that there is no life here.

I hijacked this!
I know it's a really poppy song, but the buildup to this line in Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is just so intense that it gives me chill everytime.

"All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see."

Either that or Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

"We're going down
And you can see it too
We're going down
And you know that we're doomed
My dear we're slow dancing in a burning room"
Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year
Ten times removed
I forget about where it all began
Bastard son of a bastard son of
A wild eyed child of the sun
And right as rain, Im not the same
But I feel the same, I feel nothing

Holding back the fool again
Holding back the fool pretends
I forget to forget nothing is important
Holding back the fool again

I sensed my loss
Before I even learned to talk
And I remember my birthdays
Empty party afternoons wont come back


I forget to forget me
I forget to forget you see
Nothing is important to me

I knew my loss
Before I even learned to speak
And all along, I knew it was wrong
But I played along, with my birthday song

to forgive - smashing pumkins

these lyrics really hit home for me
"These are not
Only words to a song
Come to me
You're forgiven now
You're washed by Blood
From deep inside
You're not a prisoner of your old life
Washed by Blood
A brand new start
It's time that I rebuild your heart"

-Brian Head Welch
Dear Mother
Dear Father
Time Has Frozen Still What's Left to Be
Hear Nothing
Say Nothing
Cannot Face the Fact I Think for Me
No Guarantee,it's Life as Is
But Damn You for Not Giving Me My Chance

Dear Mother
Dear Father
You Clipped My Wings Before I Learnt to Fly
I've Outgrown That ****ing Lullaby
Same Thing I've Always Heard from You
Do as I Say Not as I Do

Dyers eve:Metallica
Nobody broke your heart
You broke your own cause you can't,
finish what you start

Alameda, Eliott smith

And time's no poison but once you drink it all you'll die,
So let's jus sip it real slow, yeah we can nurse it all night,
try to believe that once it's gone they will pour another round and come back to life, we'll come right back

Loose Leaves, Bright Eyes
and then maybe later
we'll get hot by the refridgorator
in the kitchen next to the pantry
you think that might be what you fancy?

in the buff
bein' rude
doin' stuff
with the food
doin' lewd stuff
with his food
we heard thats what your into

flight of the conchords-if youre into it
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
Should it all come crashing down around me
Would you be there should I stumble or fall
Pick up the pieces
forever and always bullet for my valentine.
All Points West - August 1st
Krockathon 14 - August 8th
"The truth, is you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I, apologise for bleeding on your shirt"

-You're So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday

"This flesh holds me captive and in quest of liberation...
As the sheep flock in the dissonance, I tread in dissent.
To the piercing light that sears our hearts;
To the sickness that plagues our spirits...
I cannot revere in this blind acceptance and falter in my comprehension.
Forfeit my injured soul, this affliction I respire!"

"In this pantheon of sorrow,
We are everything, yet nothing!
And as long we’re breathing,
The burden devoid of conclusion!
Unaided I slither – ravaged, silent and alone.
I smolder in anxious strife; I decline these exhausted remnants of decay.
The world is coming to an end; a vast ocean of disease...
All hope is lost... or perhaps this is the cradle of salvation."

-Through Infectious Waters by Draconian
Thats all for now
"Footprints" - Warning

"Here I am, wide open; surrendering to your side.
I have laid down my armor; I have no sword at my side.
I leave behind me the ruins of the fortress I swore to defend.
I leave behind me foundation
I'll leave you a man I'll need you to mend.
And through all the battles around me,
I never believed I would fight.
Yet here I stand, a broken soldier;
Shivering, naked, in your winter light."

"Under The Boughs" - The Sword

"In a wood untouched by axes,
Creatures dwelt, unseen by man.
Songs were sung by a virgin princess;
Heard but once, and never again.
Never again..."

And my favorite line in any song I've ever heard...

"Blindfolds aside, I'd probably still close my eyes."
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.
This vacation's useless
These white pills aren't kind
I've given a lot of thought on this thirteen-hour drive
I miss the grinding concrete where we sat past 8 or 9
And slowly finished laughing in the glow of our headlights
I've given a lot of thought to the nights we use to have
The days have come and gone
Our lives went by so fast
I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor
Where i laid and told you, but you sweared you loved me more

Do you care if i don't know what to say
Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
Will i shake this off pretend its all okay
That there someone out there who feels just like me
There is

Those notes you wrote me
I've kept them all
I've given a lot of thought of how to write you back this fall
With every single letter in every single word
There will be a hidden message about a boy that
loves a girl

Do you care if i don't know what to say
Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
Will i shake this off, pretend its all okay
that There's someone out there who feels just like me
There is

Do you care if i don't know what to say?
Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
Will i shake this off, pretend its all okay
That there's someone out there who feels just like me

Do you care if i don't know what to say?
Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
Will i shake this off, pretend its all okay
That there's someone out there who feels just like me
There is

There is-Boxcar Racer
Quote by Laces Out Danny
wtfs a hickey?!
Hold your breath swim and strain
Smell the death can't escape
Blood will cloud and drift away
Attract the murders of Mermaids
It's so cold they all know

What you've done you can't run
Vengeance is the law for thee
A thousand leagues below the see
You've been tracked you've been seen
Murdering the next of kin
Ate their hearts drank their blood

Washed your fins in blackened mud
Now you swim try to hide
Heart beats faster from inside
Thought it was a big charade
Your life was ended by Murmaids

Dethklok - Murmaider
The destiny of stars is their light must fight dusk
With sparks of brilliance to ignite us.
But of all the billions of stars
You were by far the brightest.
I heard you had a voice like an angel
Now it's just a light hush.

Lately, I've started to see why you hate me.
Hearin this voice, it must be painful to the ears
When for years
You had a voice like an angel.

Both from Shad. A song called I Heard You Had a Voice Like an Angel / Psalm 137. Amazing lyricist.
The only truly consistent people are dead people.

Lock eyes from across the room
Down my drink while the rhythms boom
Take your hand and skip the names
No need here for the silly games

Make our way through the smoke and crowd
The club is the sky and I'm on your cloud
Move in close as the lasers fly
Our bodies touch and the angels cry
Leave this place, go back to yours

Our lips first touch outside your door
The whole night, what we've got in store
Whisper in my ear that you want some more, and I
Jizz... in my pants

This never really happens, you can take my word
I want to apologize, that's just absurd
Mainly I'm at fault by the way that you dance
And how I jizz... in my pants

Don't tell your friends, or I'll say you're a slut
Plus, it's your fault, you were rubbing my butt
I'm very sensitive, some women say that's a plus
Now I'll go home and change

I need a few things from the grocery
Do things alone now, mostly
Left me heartbroken, not looking for love
Surprise in my eyes when I looked above

The checkout counter, and I saw her face
My heart stood still, so did time and space
Never thought that I could feel real again
But the look in her eye said, "I need a friend"

She turned to me, that's when she said it
Looked me dead in the face and asked,
"Cash or credit?", and I
Jizzed... in my pants

It's perfectly normal, nothing wrong with me
But we're going to need a clean-up on aisle 3
And now I'm posed in an awkward stance, because I
Jizzed... in my pants

To be fair, you were flirting a lot
Plus the way you bag cans got me bothered and hot
Please stop acting like you're not impressed
One more thing, I'm gonna pay by check

Last week, I saw a film
As I recall, it was a horror film
Walked outside into the rain
Check my phone and saw you rang, and I
Jizzed... in my pants

Speeding down the street when the red lights flash
Gotta get away, gotta make a dash
A song comes on that reminds me of you, and I
Jizz... in my pants

The next day, my alarm goes off, and I
Jizz... in my pants

Open a window, and a breeze rolls in, and I
Jizz... in my pants

When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense, I
Jizzed... in my pants

I just ate a grape, and I
Jizzed... in my pants

I went to- Jizz... in my pants
Okay, seriously you guys, can we.... okay?

I jizz in right in my pants everytime you're next to me
And when we're holdin' hands, it's like having sex to me
You say I'm premature, I just call it ecstacy
I wear a rubber 'round, sometimes it's a necessity

Cause I jizz in my pants
(I jizz in my pants, cause I jizz in my pants
Cause I jizz in my pants, cause I jizz in my pants)

Cause I jizz in my pants
(I jizz in my pants, I jizz in my pants)

All from memory.
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m I loud and clear, or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

I've been here so long, I think that it's time to move
The winter's so cold, summer's over too soon
Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow

I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

Swing Life Away Rise Against
Forget your cell phone man, it won't work here.
"I have found some kind of
temporary sanity in this
****, blood and cum on my hands."

Tool- 'Prison Sex'

A bit morbid, but it always gets stuck in my head.
Hold the Heathen hammer high!
Most of the lyrics from "Colors" by BTBAM are decent. I can't believe it's been a whole year and I'm still not over how ****ing awesome that album is.
Quote by Sun of Nothing - BTBAM
"I am floating farther and farther away....
I did love...I did laugh...I did live....
(Now I’m my own planet)
A spaceman....They say I am…
A spaceman....
Planets everywhere...
My own destiny…
I’m floating towards the sun....The sun of nothing.
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you want me?
come and ****in' find me
I'll be waiting
with a gun and a pack of sandwiches

"Talk Show Host" by Radiohead
Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke to the riff filled land

Sleep - Dopesmoker
Love This Song

November Rain-Guns 'N' Roses
When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away

If you take the time
to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you are mine,
All mine

So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain

Do you need some time...on your own
Do you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...
on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone

I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you?

Sometimes I need some time...on my
Sometimes I need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...
on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone

And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain
I know that you can love me
When there's no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain

Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one
You're not the only one
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
Shit, Piss, Fuck, Kunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits, fart, turd & Twat
-Blink 182
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Dude I got these strings the other day that couldn't be tuned to higher than 4 octaves below middle C then I realized that they were shoelaces and they weren't making any sound at all.
im impressed that nobody put i cum blood up here.....yet
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"Call me a sinner
Call me a saint
Tell me its over, I'll still love you the same" Call Me- Shinedown

"Its 4:03 and I can't sleep
Without you next to me I
toss and turn like the sea
If I drown tonight Bring me back to life
Breathe your breath and be the only thing that I still believe in" If You Only Knew- Shinedown

"Hide behind your walls of maybe nevers
forgetting that theres something more than just knowing better
Your mistakes do not define you now
they tell you who you're not
You've got to live this life you're given
Like its the only one you've got" The only one you've got- 3 Doors Down

"Waste my time running in circles
Waste my time going bad on the vine
I spent the last year walking through the fire
Now I do believe it's my turn to shine
Waste my time walking in rhythm
Waste my time talking in rhyme
I spent the last year in a Mexican freefall
I do believe it's my turn to climb
I used to think I was born to know trouble
I used to think I was a born-again clown
I used to think I had everybody guessing
I looked like I was flying high when I was falling down
Now I am taller than I used to be
Now I am living again
Now I like where I have found myself
This is where I want to be now
Now this is where I want to be
I was falling free in Mexico
Living on those taco bars and sweet sunshine
Learning how to walk again in my own skin
Learning the art of losing my mind
I used to think I was born in a hurricane
I used to think I was jumping jack flash
I used to think I was a victim of circumstance
Beating up on everyone all the time
I should have been kicking myself
in my own ass
Now I don't worry about the future much
Now I don't think about the past
Now I'm learning how to laugh again
This is where I want to be now
Now I'm tired of the drama club
Now I'm sick with all the hate
Yeah, it's been one hell of a hard year
This is where I want to be now" Now by Everclear
Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body's thirst

One month in the grave
twisted and half decayed
She turned a putrid yellow
I pissed in her maggot filled asshole

****ing the rotting
My semen is bleeding
The smell of decay
Seeps from her genital cavity

The smell was unbearable As I unburied her
I cum blood from my erection
I feel it run
down her throat, swallow

Eyes glassy and vacant
body dug up to play with
Skin greasy and naked
tonguing her rotted anus

I need a live woman
to fill with my fluid

A delicate girl, to mutilate, **** and kill
her body exceptional
she thought I was normal
but I wanted more

I came blood inside of her
choking on the clot
gagging on the snot
gushing blood, from her mouth
bloody gel leaking out

Body buried in a shallow grave
Unmarked for none to find
The sickness I have left behind
Undetected go my crimes
The greatest thrill of my life

Violent, climax Serging serum on my skin
Back from the dead
I am resurrected to spew, putrefaction
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It Must be your skin that I'm sinking in
It Must be for real 'cause now I can feel
And I didn't mind it's not my kind
It's not my time to wonder why
Everything's gone white
And everything's grey
Now you're here now you're away
I don't want this
Remember that
I'll never forget where you're at
Don't let the days go by

I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time
Are you at one
Or do you lie
We live in a wheel
Where everyone steals
But when we rise it's like strawberry fields
I treated you bad
You bruise my face
Couldn't love you more
You got a beautiful taste
Don't let the days go by
Could have been easier on you
I couldn't change though I wanted to
Should have been easier by three
Our old friend fear and you and me
Don't let the days go by
Don't let the days go by
Oh, Glycerine![x4]

Bad moon white again
Bad moon white again
As she falls around me

I needed you more
When we wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
It might just be me
Clear simple and plain
That's just fine
That's just one of my names
Don't let the days go by
Could have been easier on (you)[x3]
Glycerine [x4]

Bush - Glycerine
and i sit and wonder, falling under .
"My heart is broke, but I have some glue. Help me inhale, and mend it with you."

- Nirvana's "Dumb"

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I snapped my high E once and sliced my finger open, so I can only assume snapping the low E would put me into a coma or something.
"When I wanna bitch about growing old, i Think how many never had the chance."
- Poison

"When we drank by the fires, the burning car tires, bad girls and good liers, the dreams we conspired, the days we went crazy, the nights wild and hazy, man how in the hell'd we get here?"
- Hedley

"So understand you're only wasting time always searching for those wasted years. Face up, make your stand and realize you're living in your golden years"
- Iron Maiden

"I Like Rock"
- Paul Gilbert

Tell your friends not to think out loud
Until they swallow
Whisper things into my brain
Your voice sounds so hallow
I am not a leader of men
Since I prefer to follow
Do you think I could have a drink?
Since It's so hard to swallow
Yeah, so hard to swallow

Nickelback - Leader of Men
"She don't know no lover,
None that I ever seen,
And to her that ain't nothing
But to me, It means, means everything."

-The Black Crowes-She Talks To Angels

"So give me something to believe
Cause I am living just to breathe
And I need something more
To keep on breathing for
So give me something to believe."

-Believe-The Bravery

"But if I had an arsenal and if it was ten feet tall,
Then I would put an end to it all.
And if I had wheat to burn,
And if I had a lot to learn,
Then it still would not matter what color you were.
And if I had but one wish on which to stand,
I'd wish the weapons all turn to sand.
I'd see the gunners watch their empty hands,
Fall down to their sides."

-State Radio-Sudan
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2

The Nina, OH, the Pinta, OH, the santa maria, OH, I'll do you in the bottom while your drinking Sangria.

Nachos, lemon heads, my dad's boat, you
wont go down 'cause my dick can float!

We sail 'round the world and go port to port, everytime I cum I produce a quart.

Put on your life vest, let's drop anchor, theres a nice lady *****, I'd like to swank her.

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2

Deadliest catch, without the crabs, we're almost out of gas, call the Arabs!

I'm a pussy Pirate my name is Jack Sparrow, take off my pants so you can see my flesh arrow.

Make sure to wax, use your mom's Nair you'll be amazed when I cum in your hair!

Pull up the anchor cause we're leaving dry land, get below deck with a dick in your hand!

(Boats 'n' Hoes, Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes.) x2
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Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n' hoes. that the song from step brothers?
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