Well I put a deposit down on one of these today I just hope it sounds as good at home as it did in the shop. I was told only 200 have been made?
I really don't want to ruin your happiness if your content with the amp.... but as far as I know it was just a gimmick to get people to spend more money for a slightly better amp....

If you really liked the tone I'm sure you could make all the modifications they made and save a good 200-300 bucks.

Or just get something better alltogether, like a deluxe reverb
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Thanks for the opinions guys. I looked at the price of the standard Hot Rod deluxe and then the cost to upgrade the speaker and it worked out at almost the same price. I guess thats because of the fact I am in the UK.

I will be using the Amp to eventually Jam and Gig with so did not see the point of spending maybe £350 on a smaller amp and then have to face the possibility to upgrade later.