I have one of these buggers (personally, I love it, and it suits my purposes just fine), and am wondering how to make a few specific sounds (Thanks to the number of customs I can make, I typically just make per song, since if it warrants a sound, I tend to like it enough to play it regularly). Anyone know what settings to pick to make the tones from the following?

:Cliffs of Dover
:Crazy Train (I made a CT sound, but right now, it's a bit too bubbly, and needs to be brought down to earth a bit)
:No Boundaries (I don't want to learn the song *too hard atm*, but I love the tone.)
:Still got the blues by gary moore (Again, <3 tone. May learn it, though)

Anyone else with an RP-250 know settings to make any of these? And yeah, I know it's a long shot. Just figured I'd ask