I think you mean a knob, because the pot isn't visible... But I don't think they exist, that's an interesting idea. Why don't you buy a knob, like a rubbery Gibson one, and put an LED and a tiny battery in it?
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I agree with salsawords, get a rubber knob, wire an LED to it. You could set up a 9v battery for it, with a 330 ohm resistor. Or just run it straight from a 3V battery inside the control cavity and fit a little switch (or put the switch ON the knob itself). Maybe put a small sheet of metal around the pot hole, so the light reflects better? However, I tried this with a pickup in the pickup cavity and it didnt shine that well.

EDIT : I've got about 50 LEDs lying around, i'm gonna make an LED knob tomorrow out of boredom actually.
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