alright so right now i play my fender telecaster through a fender pro reverb amp

i mainly use my telecaster for cleans becasue it sounds amazing

but i want a good distortion heavy guitar

now im on a budget so nothing over 400 and i play lots of coheed and cambria and the fall of troy so

im kind of leaning toward this guitar


but if anyone has any good ideas....
Either a epiphone les paul standard, dot studio, or a mexi fat strat.

All good options. I'd stay away from ibanez's low end models, they don't really get good until you start spending more than around 600 bucks.
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I saw this at Gutar Center for $350....

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Just don't get an Epiphone or Ibby RG. They have really cheap-feeling necks.

Although to be honest, get a new amp instead. Fender distortion is dire for metal.
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Ibanez ART300...dig it.

i agree, these are awesome
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ESP 400 series guitar will beat anything in their price range for high gain playing, hands down. They are simply phenominal, I've been through 3 and each one delivered unbelievable performance. Might have to go used though.