So... I just saw this movie...

Has anyone else seen it? If so, what did you think?

I, personally, was very confused... I had no idea whether it was supposed to be some kind of allegory I didn't get or something? I don't know. I just feel like I was missing something... Any ideas? Thanks.
It was ok, but not one of Anderson's best, imo. I felt just about the same way after watching it, TS.
No, it was just a look into a very dysfunctional family.

The lies and the drug abuse. The fights between the siblings, the abandonment by the mother.

Dysfunction, man.
I mean I understood the whole plot and everything... I just felt like maybe there was something I missed for some reason... ? Haha Maybe not... ?
i like all of wes anderson's films. imo, heres their order:

life aquatic
royal tannenbalms
bottle rocket.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Yeah. I've never seen anything else by him, but now I'm pretty intrigued... I want to see The Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket and Royal Tennenbaums... Not in that order, though.
dont forget rushmore, its his best. theyre all pretty similar though.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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Yeah. I've never seen anything else by him, but now I'm pretty intrigued... I want to see The Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket and Royal Tennenbaums... Not in that order, though.

I definitely recommend The Life Aquatic. It's my personal favorite Anderson film. One of the few movies that's made me bawl like a little kid who scraped his knee...
Yeah... It seems that most people have said they're all similar. I don't know... I just felt like I missed something in Darjeeling Limited... I don't know why. I guess I didn't... Don't get me wrong though, because I really enjoyed the movie.

I would like to see Rushmore, too, though... Haha so I guess everything...
Love it.

Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors.
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I loved it, but then I'm a total Wes Anderson fanboy. When they're walking to the funeral in slow motion with "Strangers" playing, it's absolutely perfect. Every time I try to rank them, I fail miserably because they each have a scene or two that hits me so hard that I feel like it's a sin not to rank that one higher. There's that in Darjeeling, Rushmore has the dance at the end, The Royal Tenenbaums has Margot getting off the bus, Richie releasing Mordecai, and Chas getting choked up when Royal gives him the new dog, The Life Aquatic has "That was my favorite age"... I guess Bottle Rocket would be my least favorite by that standard because it didn't really have a standout part that moved the living hell out of me. God, though. Those films are so beautiful.
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Maybe I should specify that I meant I felt like I was missing a deeper meaning... I don't know... It just feels like I didn't comprehend/digest everything I could/wanted to... I probably just need to watch it again...
I loved it, but I know what you mean about "missing something". It's hard to think of anything about it beyond the context it is written about.
I suppose it says a lot about general human nature concerning grief and acceptance. And dysfunctional non-sexual relationships.

To be honest part of the reason I don;t like Rushmore as much as the rest is how (although I've only seen that, this, and the Royal Tenenbaums) it has the happy-clappy all-is-solved ending...
My favourite line in Darjeeling Limited was when whatshisface just said "I didn't save mine" about the kids in the river. It was just such honest acceptance of the situation and that's generally how I feel in life. You don't always need hope to be happy with things, you just need to accept how things are.
Yeah... I completely agree with you. That's exactly how I felt. I also absolutely loved that line you mentioned... It was just like yep... That's what happened... Haha. Looking back on it, I really enjoyed that film. I'm going to watch it again very soon.