So, yeah. I'm looking for a camcorder under $400. I'll be buying it from Best Buy 'cause I got a gift card and such, so yeah. Looking for one with a hard drive, but also accepts cards. Decent sound quality as well. Easy to import the files into my computer (PC) and edit them and such.

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Yes, because I haven't reading camcorder reviews at all. /sarcasm

I'd actually like it if I not only heard experiences with camcorders, but could maybe perhaps ask a question or two instead of digging through tons of camcorders and reading every review.
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LOL... I laughed so hard when I read the link...

but he is right it is a simple google search away, or you could just go to best buy's website I am pretty sure they have people who post reviews of them on their website.
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^Or simply going to a professional camera store. Even if you don't buy it there, they are professionals and will help you find the right camera. This is a guitar forum and I highly doubt you would want the "expertise" of 14 year old kids about something that's gonna cost you 400 bucks. So stop whining that I didn't help you and search in the right place.