So, I'm looking at finally getting my own half stack rather than keep borrowing other peoples.

Store near me has got in two used Marshalls, and they both sound pretty bloody fantastic and are within budget. My problem is though I can go and try them out in short bursts, obviously I can't take them for a week-long test drive... though I like the tone of both, I can't tell which is going to suit me best overall in the long run. So, any opinions on living with either amp is appreciated.

I play mostly what I would call straight-up rock. The occasional bit of blues, sometimes something a bit more pop, the occasional bit of hard rock/standard metal, but mostly in the Aerosmith / GnR / AC/DC / mid-90's Bon Jovi/etc range. I'm a strictly rhythm player and I tend to prefer to get my overdrive and so on from pedals.

The two choices are:
  • 1983 Marshall JCM 800 50w. £380 for both head and original cab. I'm currently leaning towards this one since it's £100 cheaper and 50w is more than enough for me at the moment I think, and there is something appealing about owning an 80's JCM 800. However...
  • 2006 Marshall DSL 100w. £460 for just the head. However it does have the extra power in case I ever needed it, and it's got the footswitchable channels and so forth, options are always nice.

Both sound nice right off the bat when I've tried them, but yeah, any opinions on generally living with these sorts of heads, or suggestions on alternatives in the same price bracket, would be great.
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800 ftw

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

For what you are doing, the 800 would be pretty much perfect. You don't really need 100 tube watts anyways.
damn 380 for the head and cab? we pay 2000AUD used for just the head in Aussie land.
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The only thing good about the DSL is the clean channel. The 800 has none unless you dial it in whenever you want to play it and roll back your volume on your guitar.

Otherwise, the 800 has a much better overdrive/distortion in it, and if you are using OD pedals, the 800 LOVES pedals, especially ODs.

The DSL's distortion channel is rather buzzy and tinny sounding... atleast that's what I've experienced. It's not that great honestly. But I do love the DSL's clean channel. Very nice, full, and punchy.
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Both sound great, take pedals well and are well priced. The JCM2000 DSL100 is a super underrated amp and I think it's a great amp. If you're into super high gain tones, it gets fizzy and a little overcompressed if you're turning the gain too high, but otherwise, for clean tones and classic rock to classic metal styles, it's a great amp.

Depending on the model of the model of the JCM800, I could go either way. Some JCM800s sounded like farts in a wet paper bag, but if you've tried it and it sounds good then go for it...
2000's dont sound too great unless modded. 800 is foolproof
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2000's dont sound too great unless modded. 800 is foolproof

I disagree, JCM800s can be extremely hit or miss.