Hey all, I'm looking for a fuzz pedal that is suited for Nine Inch Nails and Black Light Burns type fuzz. The more versatility the better. Would a French Toast be capable of doing this type fuzz? I know most will suggest a Fuzz Factory but I'm just looking for alternatives not as expensive as the Fuzz Factory. Thanks in advance.
Fuzz Factory.


Honestly, they rock. I'm the stupidest man alive for breaking mine.

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A russian Big Muff would probably do it.

I always thought they were more of a distortion pedal? I have heard good things about them though. Any more suggestions?
I'd just like to repeat the whole Russian Big Muff suggestion as a satisfied owner of one.

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I would get fuzz from some boutique company (even though most are nearly the same). Look around.
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The USA Big Muffs are fuzzier and the Sovtek ones are like distortion with a fuzzy character to it.

So a USA Big Muff is better then a Russian?
Analogman's SunFace is a pretty great sounding fuzz, a touch darker and very responsive. Lots of tweakability. Cheaper than the fuzz factory at $230.

(still, save up for a fuzz factory).

-edit- To respond to the above post, the US isn't better, it's just different. I own a Sovtek; it's darker and smoother, less fizzy. But you won't get the tight, compressed fuzz.
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IMO you need something a bit more extreme than a Big Muff. Look at Devi Ever fuzzes, one of their $100 pedals should get you a nice nasty fuzz.


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