I recently bought a pair of used Gibson Humbuckers to wire into my nephew's Epi Les Paul Standard. I' ve done this type of job before, but never in an Epiphone. After wiring everything in, the neck pickup sounds normal, but the bridge pickup is much louder, probably twice as loud as the neck PU. I've checked continuity, and everything seems ok. The pickups are both about the standard height relative to the strings .Anyone have any any ideas on what could be causing this, and how to cure the problem?

what model gibson pups are they ?
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are the volumes the same?
Usually the bridge pickup is hotter and louder than the neck but not by double. Are the pickups brand new?
The bridge pickup is a more powerful pickup, just lower it - there is no "standard" height, you're always going to need to muck around with them a bit.
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