How much should a lead buzz if you pull the input jack out of the guitar and touch the end? I know it should buzz a little but mine is very loud. Plugged into the guitar there is a constant low level buzz which is extremely annoying to play against. I've unscrewed the jacks to check the connections and they seem okay. With the lead plugged into the guitar the level of buzz varies depending on how the volume is set but it does not get louder if I turn the vol up full. If anything is gets quieter. The amp is a little Vox combo, the guitar a Japanese Telecaster. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to solve this problem they'd be much appreciated.

Single Coil pick-ups, 60 cycle hum. Nothing you can do about it. Also, don't touch the jack when it's out of your guitar and don't have your amp on before you plug in. Problem solved.