Question Pit, for all ages. Would a general site that gave college advice and answered questions about college life appeal to you? Not one about college prep and and academic stuff, but on social life, pre-collegiate questions from high schoolers and what not, how not to be a doosh stuff, etc. I usually make a college Q & A thread in the summers and it has had pretty solid success in the past, so was considering building a site about it.

Apologize for the serious question, I know this is the Pit and an 'I cum blood' response is in the near future of this thread, hit me up with some opinions if you got em though.

Much appreciative guys.
if you're staying at a dorm, always have ramen and kd stocked, as it will save your life. and don't get wasted and pass out, or people will do gay things around you while you're passed out and take pictures just for kicks.
sex, drugs, and rock and roll have turned into aids, needles, and techno..
I don't think there is any. Of course there are lots of sites you are looking for. but they don't really give any advice about college life that appeal to me.

That's a great idea. make it. I'll go visit it.
all that crap is stupidly generalized from the experiences of a few people, and they try to apply it to everyone.

we dont need another one of those sites.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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how not to be a doosh stuff, etc.

Well to clear things up, douches are usually weeded out by second year.
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Well to clear things up, douches are usually weeded out by second year.

True, but the goal would be douche bag prevention in higher education. AKA if your already a douche, unaware or aware, what you could do to change so as to end all douche baggery prior to being labelled as 'That douche on third floor'