Hey Pit, i am not really to much of a computer tech guy, but i was wondering, what freakin cable do i need to get to connect my PS3 to my Compaq FP 7317 monitor????? Thank you for the help!
Only the HDCP compatible monitor works.
PS3 HDMI is HDCP coded, and you need a HDCP reciever on your TV or monitor to recieve signal via HDMI out on PS3.
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I can do this no problem with my 360.
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I would assume either a VGA or DVI cable, with the proprietary PS3 connector at once end and a male VGA/DVI connector on the other.
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I can do this no problem with my 360.

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Your only choices are either RCA cable (default connector that comes with the ps3, with the 3 colors) or HDMI if your monitor has any of those two entry.

Chances are if you have a VGA/DVI only monitor you can't plug your ps3 on it.
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Well there's VGA cords that can go to the monitor and work the for the Wii and PS3, I'm just wondering if my monitor would support this at all because once again, im not good with computers. haha
if you use vga your graphics will look awful... and the guy who said something about hdcp is absolutley correct.... your best bet is to buy a monitor with hdmi input though, i found a 22inch gateway flatscreen for under 225$ and it supports full 1080p.
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