Some of the stuff on this list is pretty crazy.

There's another list that I can't post a link to because there's a picture of a guy with two penises. I might post the text and pictures from the appropriate one's later.

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Diprospus (sometimes called Craniofacial duplication) is a rare disorder in which the face is duplicated on the head (as in the picture above). This is not to be confused with fetus in fetu (item 9) which is a joining of two separate fetuses; diprosopus is caused by a protein called (believe it or not) “sonic hedgehog homolog”. The odd name is due to a controversial tradition in molecular biology to use unusual names for genes. The protein determines the makeup of the face, and when there is too much of it, you get a second face in a mirror image. If you do not have enough of the protein, you can end up with underdeveloped facial features. Children with this defect are normally stillborn, but a young girl, Lali Singh, born in 2008 survived for 2 full months before dying of a heart attack.

The man pictured above is Sanju Bhagat aged 36 from India. He is fully pregnant with his own twin. Because Sanju lacked a placenta, the fetus inside him attached directly to his blood supply. Doctors delivered the twin which was severely malformed and did not survive. Fetus in fetu is an extremely rare disorder in which a twin somehow becomes connected (internally or partly externally) to its twin while still in the womb. In some cases the fetus in fetu will remain inside the host twin unknown until it begins to cause problems. In more common cases, the signs are visible from the outset and are often initially confused with cysts or cancers. In a recent case a 7 year old boy was discovered to be carrying his twin when his parents noticed that something was moving in his stomach.

Möbius Syndrome is a rare disorder in which the facial muscles are paralyzed. In most cases the eyes are also unable to move from side to side. The disease prevents a sufferer from having any facial expressions, which can make them appear to be uninterested or “dull” - sometimes leading to people thinking they are rude. Sufferers have completely normal mental development. The causes are not fully understood and there is no treatment aside from addressing the symptoms (such as an inability to feed as a baby).

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome (progeria) will be familiar to people old enough to remember the television program That’s Incredible from the ’80s in which a young sufferer of the disorder appeared. The disease causes premature aging - so rapidly that a young child can look like a very old man (or, if I may be so callous as to point out the obvious, an alien - as in the photograph above). The disease is especially interesting for scientists as it may lend clues to the natural aging process in man. The disease is caused by a genetic mutation, and does not pass from parent to child. There is no known cure, and most children with the disease do not live beyond the age of thirteen - usually dying of stroke or heart attack (diseases usually associated with old age).

Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia (also known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis) is an extremely rare inheritable disorder in which warts form on the skin. It normally affects the hands and feet and while it can start in middle ages, it normally begins between the ages of one and twenty. There is no known effective treatment for the disease though surgery can be used to remove the warts. Unfortunately, after surgery the warts begin to return and it is estimated that a sufferer would need at least two surgeries per year to remove them each time they grow back. In 2007 a sufferer had surgery for the disease and thirteen pounds (5.8 kilos) of warts were removed. 95% of the warts were removed.

I skipped a couple.
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i was gonna mention the girl allergic to water, but it's already there. so, yeah...

i like attention.
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Pretty insane stuff..
The chick who was allergic to water was on tv once..

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Can't stop thinking about it now for some reason
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The last one would suck (the woman allergic to em emission).
EDIT: Harlequin fetus is not that bad - there are far grosser things out there.
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I updated the post with some of the ones from the other article. The ones I didn't post weren't interesting or would get me banned.
can you explain what this fetus is? i don't want to google / wiki it..
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Harlequin fetus is when a child has a condition in which the first layer of skin is extremely thick, causing it to crack where it would normally bend. This results in the child being very vulnerable to infection and bacteria.

Oh, and it looks gross.
....the woman who can't forget

that would suck. I am right guys?

edit: shouldent she be some sort of genius she could learn things and permamently know it...
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i know im gunna sound like a dick but that picture of the poor little girl made me jump........
op your ****ing harsh saying that kid looks like an alien how would you feel if you were him?
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try searching the pin head disease, i think thats the worst thing to call it but isk wat the professional name is.
There was a baby that was born in India and only lived a few hours, its skin was pale greyish blue and its eyes were huge with a scary look on its face, it looked exactly what people say space aliens look like. It was in a basket I think and a crowd of people were holding it in the air. They said doctors were going to study it. I saw the pic on ogrish when it was around.

Here's something even worse:

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Harlequin fetus
Google at your own risk

i watched a documentry on them there were sisters with that condition they had alot of excess skin or something
I dont like this thread at all. This thread is very insensitive to people with deformities. How would you feel if you were that two faced baby? How would you feel if you were the tree-man? I can be certain when I say if you were any of these people you wouldnt have taken this thread. You should be removed.