Although not at the level of Frank Zappa, Rush has released a hell of a load of albums since 1973: 18 from the somewhat mediocre first album to Snakes and Arrows.
We're not talking about which one was the greatest, say which one you liked the most.

In my opinion, the ones from the 70s and 80s are crap in my opinion, but some like Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, but I think they really shine after Presto in 1989.
My favorite is Test for Echo 1996.
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My favourite is the Rush Thread in Classic Rock.

It's pretty obscure.

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if you ask me, Rush were at their best during the period between 2112 and Signals. Every album from that period is brilliant. The standout for me is "Hemispheres"
So many excellent albums and songs to choose from......Hmmmm

I'd have to agree with Hemispheres, although moving pictures is also a classic