Pics or it didn't happen?

EDIT!!! Without the back story it looks bad on me.. but if you had any idea what happened you'd know i'm not the bad guy.

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Well someone doesn't like you. Is all the colour meant to be there?

Anyway, I wouldn't care about who did it. You can report it or something, but I can bet nothing will come out of it. Maybe this is your opportunity to make your garage look better; give it a new coat of paint, clean the garage out. Also, maybe you can install CCTV if you want to make sure you can catch them if they do it again.
keep the snake in the cage and you won't have to worry about being called a perv, much less have it painted on your garage.
Somebody's ****ing with you. Set up some cameras and notify the authorities after you have evidence of it.
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looks like ms paint....

anywho try rape/fap
It has come to my recent attention that our good friend CoreysMonster is not permanently detained in the Fotb.

i would like to make an apology to the following people:

that is all.

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sleep in the garage with a shotgun, when they show up again, tell them "paint is expensive mother****ers" and then proceed to shoot there arses off.
rape the bastards who did this, kill them, then fap and proceed to finish over their lifeless bodies

also somehow i find this picture to be a good one for an album cover. idk y
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In case you're wondering it says this:

**** you
yellow mofo
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Well given that it says that, I'm guessing you have some idea of who it is. I'd report to police if you're pretty sure it was them.
for some reason i highly doubt that's your garage...

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sleep in the garage with a shotgun, when they show up again, tell them "Get off my lawn" and then proceed to shoot there arses off.

I'm not trolling you ****s.

it happened when i got home two hours ago.

if you don't believe me fine

i took that picture with my cell camera. no photoshopping, just brightening to be able to read it.