Ok so guys
a few months ago I found this awesome ESP

for about 700 bucks
i was planning on buying it in about 2 yrs
today i went to the esp site, went to the F series section it used to be in
and it wasnt there anymore
does this mean its been discontinued, or did they just stop putting it on the website?
(the f-401fm came out as part of the 2009 collection, so could it just be that they wanna display the newest version?)
Quote by kaizerkhan13
yeah man theyre displaying the 401 right now. go to their site and find the list of old years, and click on the 08 website to see the older guitars.

good choice, btw.

but i couldnt find it...i looked up "esp guitars 2008", and found a result, but it just took me to the 09 website