Does the Peavey Unity 1000 Mixer have a firewire or USB connection in it? I'm buying one used and need any help I can get.
If its an older mixer, chances are it doesn't...But I can't find much info on the unit.

I suggest trying to see the mixer in person first and testing all the pots and connections before buying...
Also a used audio interface such as a PreSonus FP10 may be a better buy overall...unless you want to use the mixer for a PA...
The mixer is OK for live sound with a small band or for micing a set of drums, but I would not recommend it for recording, as you would have to use the line out and it has very limited playback monitoring ability. It does not have USB or Firewire, its too old for anything like that. If you choose a USB mixer, make sure its a USB2.0 mixer, otherwise use a firewire interface.
be aware that most USB mixer/interface combo units will mix down everything to a single stereo track before sending it to the usb line and into the computer. In other words, it basically is like using a standard analog mixer, which most of us know are not used in a digital studio.

Either get a USB 2.0 interface such as the EMU 0404...or if you need more than two inputs, go with a firewire interface such as the PreSonus FP10.