Hi i have pod xt live and yesterday i used my friend's ibanez 15 watt amp.the sound quality was ok but the thing is in the higher frets and at like 17-20th fret when you do tapping you get a loud sound you can hear it but with pod xt live the notes just seem to die. It was like this with my gt 8 and roland micro cube. Maybe its a digital modelling thing that kills that sounds. Dont say adjust your pod ive tried lots of things and also its not technique cos i can do it with the other equipment really well. So need help on this. Its really important for me
Your description of the problem is awful and it is not the digital modelling that "kills the that sounds". You are doing it wrong, my friend.
Wrong but how? what am i doing wrong. the simple description is the tappings doesnt sound as loud as it should be. It's fine with ibanez 15 watt amp but not with pod xt live.
do you have your noise gate set with a high threshold?

there's no reason whatsoever why a pod Xt would "kill your tone" ESPECIALLY when compared to a toneblaster :P

i know you don't want to hear it. but yea.. adjust your shizzit.
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