i have a 500k volume and two 250k tone switches on my strat.
i also have a hot rails hum in the bridge, lipstick tube in the mid, and a yjm noiseless single in the neck.

to get the brightest possible sound in the bridge, what kind of cap should i use?
and for the neck i want the opposite

does the volume need a cap too, if so what kind would be advised?

which cuts off more the .22 or the .47?
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-to get the brightest sound possible, I'd just not put in a tone knob atall if it was me.

you could wire it so that the two tone knobs do the middle and neck pickups ? just an idea...

-Volume pot does not need a cap.

-0.47 cuts off more.
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that was actually very helpful

so then the .22 cuts off less then the .47 right?

how exactly do a tone knob and a cap work together? i mean, what part does each do? if that makes sense
the cap is like a filter - it'll only let high frequency signals through. once the high frequency signals pass through the cap they "escape to ground" which gets rid of then and your left with just the bassy part of the signal. all the tone knob does is control how much of the signal goes to the capacitor.

yes - the 0.22 will give you a more trebley sound.

haha, I just posted like, the exact same post in another thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18206212#post18206212
you seem pretty knowlegdeable.

what kind of capacitor/tone combo would give me the widest range of tone?
haha, um I couldn't tell you there - I know all this stuff from school and stuff, I've not actually got that much practical expereince...
theoretically what would make sense?
you obviously have a better understanding of this than i do lol.

you said the .22 is more trebley
which means the .47 is more bassy right?

and the 250k is supposed to let less of the high end through than a 500k pot. but when the knob's all the way turned, doesnt it sound the same as without a knob?

it seems logical, unless im confused about something lol. im just so close to finishing a project. just need to buy the caps and put em in and my guitar is finished
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you said the .22 is more trebley
which means the .47 is more bassy right?

Err... Kind of. Think of it this way. The .22 cap filters off the treble leaving you with bass and midrange unaffected. The .47 cap filters off treble and upper midrange leaving bass unaffected. The .47 cap doesn't make your tone more bassy, it makes it so you can filter off everything but the bass.

If you really want as much treble as possible then disconnect the tone circuit alltogether. Or add a switch so that you can turn it off. That would be like making your tone knob go to 11.

Another option would be to use one of the pots that www.mojotone.com sells that has a disconnect inside so when you turn it to 10 it acts like a switch and disconnects it's self from the circuit.

250k is supposed to let less of the high end through than a 500k pot. but when the knob's all the way turned, doesn't it sound the same as without a knob?

A pot has a fixed resistor between lug 1 and 3. Even when the pot is all the way on some signal is still goes through the fixed resistor and is lost to ground. Treble frequencies have a harder time going through resistors than bass so a 500K pot is going to send more treble to the guitar output than a 250K pot when the volume is full on but as you turn the volume down a 500K pot will get muddy and dull much quicker because the resistance in front of your signal is too much for the treble the travel through so instead of running to your guitars output the treble uses the capacitance in your guitar cable to find a new rout to ground.
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thank you, you two have been very helpful in my search for knowledge.
almost done with my info cramming lol