Was browsin' ebay, and I found this guitar. Here's the features:

* Newest 2009 Technology
* Left Hand Guitar (Strings, Bridge, Tuning Gears Set for Left Hand Play)
* Beautiful High Gloss Natural Finish
* Santini Name and Model Number Inside
* Hand Painted Design
* 39" Length
* 19 Frets
* 2" Width Neck At Nut
* 18" Fret Board
* Wood Frame
* Rosewood Bridge
* Linden Binding w/Wood Construction
* Solid Top & Back
* Classic Strings
* FREE Case Included!!
* Guitar Stand Available
* Durable Construction, Santini Quality Built In

It's on there for $75, the auction ends in 7 hours.

What you guys think? Should I get it?(Is it a good deal?)

Thanks a ton .

Doesn't say what type of wood it is. Find out.

It all seems a bit dodgy to me. If it's still at 75 dollars you might want to give it a shot, because it's not money. I'd guess it's probably a heap of trash though.
"Newest 2009 technology?"

"Hand painted design?"

Sounds like trouble, to me. You get what you pay for.
Sincerely, Chad.
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