I'm going to put a kahler on my homemade star. I know that you will all say that the go out of tune with a bend just because you saw that vids on youtube. And i'm going to use a string lock behind the nut because it's very hard to put a floyd nut on my guitar.

I want to know what do you think about kahler hybrids. Are they bad? Or should i go with the expensive ones made at the custom shop?
Get locking tuners?
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Kahlers are good. There top routed and there stuck right on the body, so not much loss of tone and sustain, they have a wide movement range for big divebombs and pullups.
The only thing is, as you said they go out of tune with bending, although they go back in tune with a big dive bomb. Overall, there a good little trem to have on your guitar
What was the biggest problem with it though LP? I've seen you post in a bunch of threads about Kahlers being terrible, but from what i've seen they're not that bad
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they dont stay in tune, they are a pain in the ass to set up, and they are very very obviously cheaply made/manufactured.

there are so many design flaws that it is just a total phail. for instance... the screws used to fasten the saddles down... stick up higher than the saddle, so your string lays on your screw if you try to move the saddle down to anywhere near normal string height.
I see, that makes alot of sense in a badly designed way
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.
Kahlers are good trem if you take the time set them up. I have had many Kahlers over the years, and didn't have the problems that LP Addict stated. I mainly used the Pro2300's. Kalher makes 3 line of trems,
2xxx = Pro series Handcrafted in the USA by Kahler USA. Available through the Kahler custom shop only.
4xxx = X-Trem series Manufactured at Kahlers Chinese facility under exact SAE specs. For OEM use.
7xxx = Hybrid series Factory made in the USA by Kahler USA, sold through retailers.

Which model did you have problems with LP Addict?

Now, I will say that if you want a trem that you can setup and forget, The floyd is much better. The Kalhers take some work to keep them working.
i had a hybrid series, and i had one of the 80s hand-crafted ones that i stole from a peavey impact I. the old one was definitely better, but at the price of a kahler, and if you are installing a tremolo anyways, you can/shoul do a floyd rose.
I have not heard anything good about the Hybrids, and X-Trem are even worst. I tried one on a BC Rich, what a joke it was.
If you are going to do it, spend the money on a 2300 Pro.
Thanks for all the replies. First i wanted to put a gotoh floyd rose because i can get them really cheap. Sorry LP Addict, but i live on europe and the customs from my country are bastards. The problem with a floyd rose is the nut installation. It seems hard to do especially on my guitar because the headstock angle is 13 and there isn't wood to route a shelf for the floyd nut. The original nut is glued and i don't want to ruin it.

Kahlers have the advantage of not having to route any locking nut shelf. They also have another advantage on radius matching.

I i want a floyd rose i have lots of work that can go really wrong.

With the kahler there isn't much that i can do wrong. I was considering a kahler hybrid for my guitar. They have good reputation over the internet. I saw some videos of kahlers and was impressed with the functions. Its very adjustable especially the hybrid that can be set on hardtail mode to make all the adjustments.