a piece I've been working on for a good wee while, weaves in and out of C major and C mixolydian giving an Irish tonality.
about 6 guitars in total with EZ drummer recorded on Ableton live through a Toneport KB37 and Gearbox =D
Has been described as a heavy metal riverdance haha.
give it a wee listen if ye've got the sunday morning hangover we all love to hate
you wanna buy a bus ticket mate?
Wow! Fantastic!! Can I use this song to open my gigs? But, really, pretty nice job. Maybe record something else in this music style?
When I'm listening to this I can see in my mind a thousands of knights riding on the green mountains. Views like in Braveheart or Lord of the Rings. I'm crazy . Can you add here (on UG) tabs of this song? And how you recorded this (I mean what was recorded first, what second, what effects and modeled amps you've used)?
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