I know we hate to talk about it, but it has to be done! So my uni has exams the next few weeks... and I know of a few other unis here in the uk, where my friends go to, that they also have exams. Who else here does? Did you manage to do as much studying as you had hoped over christmas? How do you study best?

As for me... I'm gonna meet up with my other course-mates and go over the stuff that nobody has a hope of understanding. This isn't the most fun thing to talk about, but I'm hoping to make myself feel better about the lack of studying that I've done/ get a few good tips ^^
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
I've already had 2 exams and I've got another one on Wednesday.

Looks like the whole of Monday and Tuesday will be spent in the library.
I revise best by memorising things at a hugely basic level, in the sense that I'll break each point down into a single word or sentence; that way I have to remember like 30 words and I have an agile memory that will be able to recall all things associated with each word.
I also find a huge cram the night before/morning before is excellent good luck
Got one on Excel on tuesday, but I get to take a page of handwriten notes in with me, so that's nice n easy. And got one the tuesday after, two hours, 3 essays questions. Bugger...
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