No doubt is probably obvious but i was wondering if anyone can help me identifyr this guitar I saw a band called the bookhouse boys using it lastnight and decided i want one. The image is on their myspace page i think i've done the link right.

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either a really old (67ish) eastwood hummingbird or a reissue of it.
It looks like he built it himself to be honest, or had a mate build it. Doesn't look like any guitar I know of anyway.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Really old company, long since out of production I reckon.

(I think I recognize the ugly blocky headstock)
thanks for the replies have to say it pretty much looks like the humming bird, theres only some slight differences in the head stock and the body looks wider, its maybe a copy. Cheers for the help
Could be a Univox or a Mosrite. Both companies offer guitars with that body shape.
Eh, the pictures aren't that great... But I would call it a Mosrite and feel good about the guess
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FYI, Mosrite made the originals. Univox among many other companies copied them.
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