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British metallers EVILE know a thing or two about thrashing, and they know that the music has to be loud. The band were therefore slightly worried to hear something which could affect fans of live music all across the UK.
EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE explains: "I was browsing the Downing Street website to see what exactly our Prime Minister is doing, and I came across the 'Petitions' section. One that stood out to me was a petition for 'No Noise Control'. Now, I remember playing a show in a venue where they were strict on the level of noise, as they had one of these Noise Control devices. It was so quiet, it felt like a crime headbanging whilst playing the music. I'd hate to go and see my favourite band live and have the music being at that level.
"I urge all UK live music fans to sign this petition to make it be known that we love live music, and for it to be that ridiculously quiet would be a travesty. The kind of music we play is aggressive. You can't have aggressive music at low volumes. It defeats the purpose. I want to have my head blasted off by a riff, not my genitals slightly tickled. Please take a look, sign and pass on!"
To view and sign the petition, head to (Click here to open link)
EVILE are currently working on material for a new album, tentatively due to be released later this year on Earache Records.

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This just seems so ridiculous to me. There is no reason for anybody to want noise control IMO. If you are that protective of your hearing then you can either, not go to the gig or wear some proper ear plugs.

I'd like to see what you think of this!
I think everybody should sign the "use the searchbar" petition!
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