i have sheet music for piano, but i want to play it on guitar, but i cant read sheet music, and all i have is the chords. is there a program where i can import sheet music and get tabs?
with Powertab Editor, you can, you just can't import the sheet-music, so you'd have to write it all in. time consuming, really, but it may help.
Yes, power tab or guitar pro, a similar program.

also, if you're extra nice, and we're in an extra nice mood, you could ask someone here to write it out in a tab for you.

(if you know where/who to ask)
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Take the time to learn sheet music, it's worth it.

Quoted for truth. You don't necessarily need to learn to play along to sheet music, but being able to at least read it to convert to tab or other instruments notation is extremely useful, and will make you a better musician.
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Haha, if only life was that simple. Piano parts are very very different to guitar parts, so there's really no way to just push and convert. The best thing to do would be to develop your ear so you can do this at will, or learn sheet music. Or both, that would be the best idea.
thanks for all the replies.

haha yeah i didnt think a magical converter existed out there.
sounds like i really learn how to read the sheet music, thanks for all the advice
I'm sure this is a stupid question, but how does guitar sheet music compare to piano sheet music. Which of the following is true:

1) The guitar music is the same as the treble cleff staff of the piano grand staff.
2) As 1, but the bass staff is merged into the treble staff
3) It all needs conversion according to fixed rules.
4) It's completely different
5) something else