Just wondered, whats your views on british bands singing in an american accent? Obviously with the huge influx of indy music (artic monkeys etc) the english accent is used alot more in music, however there are still some british based musicians singing with an americanise accent?

Is this wrong?
Because for me when rehearsing at school for a song or whatnot, an american type of accent naturally comes out, i feel like a right nob singing with an english accent (in terms of prounounciation etc).

Is it frowned upon in the music industry?

Your views?
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Personally, I think that music tends to hide accents for the most part. English, American, I can barely tell, unless it's really prevalent (like Syd Barret for example)
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I think it's fine for Brits to lose the accent when they're singing, but it's horribly obnoxious when Americans put on a British accent. Buttholes.