I have made up my mind, my new axe is going to be a vintage fender 52 reissue. Now I have two choices: the 'normal' version, what you expect of a tele, or the 'hotrod' version, which is a bit more expensive, and has a small humbucker in the neck position. I can not seem to choose (i have some time left till I have the money), but can you provide me with some facts and opinions? My style is rock n roll (rolling stones, faces, the band, bruce springsteen)
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i love the sound of my single coil in my neck position for old classic rock like that. i use the clean channel on my roc pro 1000 with a bad monkey OD, with the neck pickup on my squire strat, EQ flat, and its perfect for blues and classic rock. just enough grit to not be clean, but still less distorion than my lead channel gets with the gain all the way down. so id go for the single coil, but thats just me. it would save ya money too

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if you really can't choose, it might make more sense to get the hot-rod, and then (assuming its scratchplate is the same size with screws in the same places etc.) if you decide you don't like the mini-HB at the neck, you can buy a new tele scratchplate and single coil tele neck pickup and fit it...

i haven't tried the hot rod, though, i've only tried the '52 reissue and am assuming that the hot rod is more or less the same guitar with the neck mini-HB.
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