I was just wondering if anyone got any good tips regarding an acoustic 12th string. I've been playing very active for about 2-3 years. Mostly 6th string acoustic, but also electric. Lately I've been thinking about getting myself an acoustic 12th string, but i am not that experienced when it comes to 12th stringed guitars.

So if anyone of you could come with some good tips or link some good guitars, I would be very thankfull.

Price: I wasn't thinking so much more than 300-400$, since this is my first 12th stringed guitar.

Best regards
Tobba - Norway
Just realize that 12 strings are harder, or at least different, to play than 6 strings because it takes more strength to hold down the strings (if you thought barre chords on a 6 string acoustic were tough :P) But also fingerpicking is sort of wierd for about a week when you are trying to figure out how to hit both strings with your fingers/nails and not just accidentally brushing one.
^ Everything he said. I just bought my first 12 and when I was buying around, I considered this Yamaha before settling on a Seagull.


It sounded excellent for the price range and has gotten pretty good reviews. It's also in your range.
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Try out Seagull's twelve string guitars! I've played alot of them and they're decent.
If you want something a bit cheaper (but still pretty decent for the cash) try Fender's A/E 12 strings. Fender may not make top-notch acoustics, but they still get the job done!
yeah i would try seagull, yamaha, takamine, maybe ovation and fender.

make sure to get a solid top and use only the lightest of strings... hehheh,,

i wanna get a 12 string too! but i need a good 6string first, so i'll probably pick up a 12 string after a dobro or steel guitar.
Sorry for my late reply, guys!

Thank so much for the tips, people! I've been looking and asking a little bit around myself, and my choice has fallen on the "Fender CD-160E "

Even though I havent played so much 12th string, I figured I might as well just buy something with a "OK high price". I've been playing 6th string for a pretty long time, so after a week or 2 I think I will be fine.

Thanks again for tips!

Tobba - Norway