hi there, new to this site and electric guitar. this is my second day with my guitar. its an epiphone junior model les paul, black, and it works like a champ. (i sure as hell love it!) but i have a lot of problems, im having a hard time reading tabliture, i went to the lessons on this site and looked it up and i still cant get it. i have a disability called aspergers syndrome, a form of autism and im starting to think that its getting in the way of my learning. i just have a mild form of it.

i just need alot of help, so i figured that this site would help me. im also having a hard time learning chords and rythym.

alot of help would be appriciated and im really excited about being on this board!
As well as using this site I think you should find a teacher who would be able to give you perosnal 1 to 1 teaching, so that you can learn the basics first hand off someone who is present rather from the internet...I think that would defiantly be the best way to start..I don't know anything about aspergers syndrome but if it requires ay alterations to teaching methods to help you learn then a teacher would be able to do that more than the website will. All in all though will power to keep going and to break through the first few frustrating months when your leanring everything is needed and I welcome you to UG and the world of gutiar

Its F****ing great when you get going
dont be upset if you cant do chords and play right when you start, you need alot of practice and once you put in the time and effort will it pay off. im just saying if you have only played 2 days dont be disappointed just pull through you will be good in no time
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Hey slash786.

Plenty of people find it hard at first. Everything I tried to play sounded awful when I started!

Get the little basic techniques and chords down. I found it pretty boring at first because I wanted to play cool songs but I was bad.

Don't worry about it, time will fly by.
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O.k, look, if you wanna master in your guitar lessons, 1st, you have to show interest in it. You've said that you had a problem with reading tabs. The right way to read the tab is, 1st, you open a page of guitar tabs, you imagine your guitar are "lean" to the computer. You put the guitar head on your left, the body on your right, If the tabs is like this,


the way to play this is, you... I don't know how to say it but, the both "e" strings are pluck together, than followed by the "a" and "d" strings. Got that? Come on, practice makes perfect. Just give it a try, even I can make a tabs now. You try this cromok - another you at 'misc unsigned bands' page 25 or 26 something like that. Try it, then, hit me a comment
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First, just imagine your guitar is "lean" in front of the computer screen. The head of your guitar is on your left, the body is on the other side. The way to read this tab is

d --------------- l
a---------------- l
e-----0--------- l

the both "e" strings is played together, then followed by the "b" and "g" strings.
At 1st, I was a stupid too but when I started to figured how does it played MYSELF, now, I can even create a tabs. Thrust me, practice makes perfect
Hey, welcome
It's hard for anyone to get learning, what helped me a lot were videos on youtube. For a song, try learning the main riffs to smoke on the water and back in black, those were the two I learned first. For tabs, just think of turning it clockwise 90 degrees then the 6 lines would be your guitar strings.
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Don't worry it usually takes about 3 months to get anywhere near being able to play things well. All you need to do is take your time and practice. Some times playing the guitar comes easy and the next day you find you can't play it at all. I have now been playing since last summer and have started to learn lead guitar. I am getting better but I am useless at it at the moment !!!!

Have fun and practice you will soon get better.
Yes. Do you know anyone that plays guitar? Maybe a couple sessions with a teacher would help you. But don't get frustrated. Stay focused and you'll be rockin' in no time. It took me a little to get tablature down also. But once you understand it gets easy. Also, instructional DVD's helped me alot too.
Try cutting MSG out of your diet. It might cure your aspergers since autism and like disorders are mainly caused by msg, fluoride, and vaccinations (high amounts of deadly mercury in the vaccines). MSG actually kills brain cells about 30mins after you eat it. Proof is here.
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Try cutting MSG out of your diet. It might cure your aspergers since autism and like disorders are mainly caused by msg, fluoride, and vaccinations (high amounts of deadly mercury in the vaccines). MSG actually kills brain cells about 30mins after you eat it. Proof is here.

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I just started getting serious about playing about 2 weeks ago. For me, taking lessons has really helped. I tried to teach myself before, but I gave up out of frustration. In the first session, the teacher showed me some simple tricks that would have never known to look for since I knew so little about a guitar.

After only 2 weeks, I can now strum much more accurately without looking and am getting much more used to moving up and down the fretboard cleanly. When I first got the guitar, my right hand couldn't hit the right strings properly for nothing. Every note was buzzy and twangy. But as you exercise your fingers, they get stronger and it will start becoming easier.

Just don't give up like I did. I wasted a whole year thinking I just couldn't do it. But after the first session with my teacher, he helped show me that I can. And if I can do it, anyone can. I have zero natural talent and have the coordination of an inebriated monkey. heh