I'm looking to buy some new pups, tuning heads, and maybe a new nut & bridge for my MIM strat. Everything is still stock on it (save for the pickguard). I don't really know what's good/bad but so far I've been thinking:

Tuning heads:

? Not sure. Can you even change the bridge on an MIM Strat? Or would I have to get a whole new tremolo set? Or would I change the saddle?

http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-LSR-Roller-Nut?sku=361268 Not sure on this one.

http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Lace-?sku=305416 Maybe? Not entirely sure on this one either :/

Help would be greatly appreciated! Any suggestions/comments feel free to shoot away.

Presumably you are looking to improve your tuning stabilty?

I've achieved pretty much perfect stability with my Strat, using the following:

Tuners: Sperzel locking tuners
Nut: Graphtec
Bridge: Wilkinson

All pretty easy to fit really, with the bridge being the hardest - although that does depend on what sort of bridge you have now.

For pickups, it's really a personal thing and it's going to depend a lot on what sound you are looking for, and what your amp is.
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Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm trying to do. Tuning goes out of wack real easily and I can't even touch the tremolo without fear. The pups are a want rather than need though :P

I'm assuming the tuners you were talking about were:

As for the bridge, is it this? I couldn't seem to find it on MF but they probably don't sell for them.

Yeah, those are the tuners, although I believe the Fender/Schaller ones are just as good - I just couldn't find them in the UK.

That bridge is similar for guitars with the 6 screws, mine is a 2 post model.

Ah, okay. Mine's a 6 screw :]

I'm assuming this is the nut you were talking about, I saw it when I was looking earlier. Seems to get great reviews and it's only $12 bucks. Compared the the other one that's a bargain.

Where did you buy your wilkinson from? The cheapest I can find seems to be:

But that one is a two screw :/

Edit: Err nevermind it says it's a one size fits all deal. Just have to do a bit of drilling.
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