The volume is okay when I put my guitar to PC directly but when put my guitar through AMP, It's too quiet to hear.

What should I do??
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...turn it up?

what exactly are u wanting to do?

Oh sorry, I'm trying to record with Audacity now.

I think volume that comes out from AMP is loud enough but When I record it, it recorded too quietly
It's lined as........

Guitar -> Effect -> Amp -> PC

But when I just Guitar -> PC It's volume is loud enough when recording
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so y dont u just turn ur amp loud enough?
or move the mic closer to the speaker?

Then amp gets too loud and I'm using lines not mic . but thx for replying

Anyone help me?
If you plug your line out into headphone port it should stop the sound coming out of the amp, so you can turn up your amp as loud as you want, and it should sound pretty much the same as line out
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