I keep on wondering what the best tone/sound for playing metal is. My amp is a piece of poop so it only has a couple settings.

| DIST. on ------- High ------- Low
|dist. level : 9 ---- 7 ----------- 9|

tone on guitar - 6/5

thats mine

dist. on

dist. level - 9

high. - 7

low - 9
Your amp has no mids? I guess youre already halfway there.
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This thread doesn't belong here or anywhere. Your vague-to-the-point-of-unanswerable question should be posted in the settings thread in the gear forum.

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you should have a mids setting which should be set to 2 or lower gain on 10, high on 7-9, and bass(low) on 9. or you could go and buy a metal pedal and keep your amp on the clean channel while it is on
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