hiya, I've just decided to pick up my guitar *for real* and really want to get back into ginfer picking, cause that's how I learnt. Lots of people use picks but because I learned a different way, I'm more comfortable with that. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a great song to start? I like alternative rock, but oldies are great too, like Blackbird. Great to be here!
Also, having been self taught, I am not sure how to read the xx in frets for picking, so any help there would be great too. Thanks in advance for all your help. @llison
Well I'd say as a real typical fingerpicked song there's Stairway To Heaven...

I would recommend:

Romance - John Williams
Time Tonight - John Frusciante
Stars And Shi tes - Biffy Clyro

Just as a random assortment...
if you're into some metal, metallica has some fingerpicked stuff like fade to black and nothing else matters