This is for recording the drum samples coming out of my drummers Roland V-drum kit. The module has a direct out instrument jack for each drum (8 of them)
I need to therefore get an 8 track mixer - should i get the USB/Firewire?
I would prefer to spend as least money as possible, and the USB is much cheaper, but i heard that firewire handles more tracks way better?
I might not even get the Alesis Multi-mix :/
Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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I use the MM 12 channel firewire. But if I wanted a second mixer, a little more portable I would definately get the MM 8 channel USB 2.0 mixer. Very handy for drums I think.

But you can't use the CHEAP USB ones, it has to USB2.0 ones or the firewire. I think prices are about the same for these.

This price seems high, but its the 2.0 version. I only paid $200 for my 12 channel firewire.