My amp has a input Hi and a input Lo. Is there any noticeable difference in the two. Does it make a difference witch one I plug into?
yes low means low gain or even just standard and the HI input will be about 3db louder?have a bit more gain on tap

If you have a guitar with active pickups then use the lo input but if not use the hi thats what is do
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hi input = higher gain circuit
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i read about that,

it said that if you have a guitar with single coil pick ups, you should use the hi input
if you have a guitar with humbuckers you should use the lo input, but I don't know if it is true, because it was a behringer guide
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hi input = higher gain circuit

Pretty much this.

If you have lower output pickups, then the higher Hi-input is recommended
If you have higher output (actives for example) pickups, then the Lo-input is meant for them.

Saying this 99% of the people with high output pickups ignore this and plug into the Hi-input to drive the amp that little bit harder to get more gain.

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