They would have to be appropriate for a talent show and NOT go over everybodies heads, like I cum blood etc .

Songs with some good harmonisation would be fantastic although I am sure we can work something out if not. We are looking for crowd pleasers as there is a cash prize involved. Cheers guys
Do you like Avenged Sevenfold? Afterlife has a pretty cool solo and it's something everyone will recognize, and has harmonization throughout almost all of it.
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Well, depending on how advanced you guys are- I would suggest doing the Crossroads (movie) guitar duel.

It's on youtube
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Is it specifically a guitar talent show, or just a general talent show?
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Well, depending on how advanced you guys are- I would suggest doing the Crossroads (movie) guitar duel.

It's on youtube

Yes. Yes. I love you for suggesting that, though I hate you for stealing my suggestion.

Do this, it will be awesome. Just try not to argue too much over who's Ralph Macchio(better known as the lead actor from The Karate Kid) and who's Steve Vai.

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Cliffs of Dover.....

Or, even though its been overplayed, you could play Canon Rock with two-guitar harmonies the whole time.
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A Racer X song?... You could exchange Bruce Bouillet and of course the Paul Gilbert solos. But if this is just a talent show (not a guitar talent show) you could bore the audience. Maybe an instrumental of a popular song? check out John 5's take on Welcome To the Jungle. That could be interesting.
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Uncle teddy's- Stranglehold everyone knows that song and when someone plays it good its amazing.
Epitaph, by Necrophagist. It's a technical song that has a sort of harmony to it and an awesome solo(Which is easily broken up into dueling solos).

Makes you look like an awesome player, but probably won't be the kind of music the crowd likes. If technical death metal stuff is popular around there, you'll soar ahead.
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"Drifting" by Andy McKee.

Acoustic is more impressive to non guitarists I think.
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Play Towards Dead End by Children of Bodom.
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Play some iron maiden, run to the hills would sound good
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