Let me outline the situation for you guys,

I haven't got a load of money to spend, but I am in desperate need of a new amp. My budget lies around 270-280 euros, which is about 350-370 USD. The amp that I am looking for needs to have a good clean channel, distortion isn't a must since I've got my fair share of pedals.

The problem lies in the fact that I can't seem to decide whether I should buy the Hughes&Kettner Edition Blue 60W or a tinier tube amp. I've already tried the H&K and I must say I pretty much loved the sound...but many people tell me a tube would be way better.
If you've got any better suggestions for my size of budget, share em please
Oh and another thing it has to be moveable, I need to travel with it

go with what you think sounds good don't just get something because someone tells you to
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Will you be gigging with it, playing against a drum kit, or anything like that?

Yer I'll problably be gigging with it, no stadium-lke venues though you know...just some gigs in bars and theatres etc.
Then a 60 wqatt ss amp would probably be best, since there arent many tube amps in your range that wont break up at those volumes
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I've got that amp.

The cleans are really nice, but the distrotion channel is not that great unfortunately. It's a bit muddy on higher gain settings, but on lower gain it's got a pretty good blues tone. Also it doesn't have that much gain (so for metal it isn't really suitable).

But for the same price, you won't find a nice tube combo.
Maybe check out some Peavey Vypyrs or Roland Cubes.

If you've got a nice distortion pedal, then I can recommend it (but try it in the shop how they sound together).
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hey if u like the tone of the h&k go with it!
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