Poll: Does using a certain pick make you play better?
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24 77%
7 23%
Voters: 31.
So I got a variety pack of Clayton picks the other day, and they're pretty cool, and I really like one, because it helps me alternate pick way better. I just can't do it that fast with my other picks.

So, does EG think that using a different pick can make you play a little better?
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no they don't

edit: except if you have the ****ING PICK OF DESTINY
It is the thickness and material of the pick that affects your playing.

If it is a thick tortex pick, it will be easier to pick fast.

Yet if you have a thin plastic pick, it will be easier to play chords.

I don't think the brand of the pick makes a difference, but the material and thickness does.
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Yes, But not just because of the different types of picks, because everyone has a preferance, and if you like thick picks your not going to like playing with them therefore not being as good. Once you find a pick you are totally satisfied and you love using them (thick or thin, tone is a preferance too) it will make you better then you would be using a pick you hate.

Edit: Oh and don't forget certain picks are better suited for specific tasks, (IMO It's easier to play fast with a thick pick, but easier to play alot of chords with something that flexes)
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Probably, since your muscle memory is different to everyone's else and it gets used to something in particular. Reason why some people can't play Flying Vs because they're either stupid or their memory hasn't registered the classical position yet, as an example.
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I have 1 lucky pick, I've played all my gigs with it and it's the only thing I use.
Unfortunately I stole it from my band's old guitarist so I don't know where to buy more
I think it's a mental thing for me, I feel more confident with it, but then again it's just a pick..
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