Can someone please help. I have been playing for about 6 months. I have an acoustic steel string Walden Natura D550 . I would have thought that I would have gradually got increasing strength through playing to play Barre chords properly. I also find myself having to push the strings down really hard. I have tried different approaches to try and see if I am doing anything wrong but I continue having this problem. After research I understand my action could be quite high so might benefit from getting it lowered help? Also I currently use Martin Light strings and was wondering if it was worth buying Extra Light Strings, would this also help or would this just change the sound of the strings slightly.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

From a Man with very sore finger tips.

Your action could be a problem, but you've only been playing 6 months. Grit through it and keep playing. It gets easier over time.

Also, do you have to press down really hard, or are you doing it anyways? You only need to press a little harder than you need to so that the string is making contact with the fret wire.
You're only 6 months in - your fingers are going to be sore for probably another year or so, and you won't start to develope enough hand/finger strength to make an acoustic effortless for probably the same amount of time, depending on how often you play. Acoustics always have higher action than electrics, and are always harder to play initially. This is why most people recommend starting on acoustics - they build strength and technique better than an electric.

You're doing fine for 6 months in -just keep at it and eventually it'll get better - gotta pay your dues, man.
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The low E-string is about 6.5 7 mm from the fret and the high E is about 5.5 mm away form the 12th fret.

Hope this helps????
I haver to push hard enough for the tips of my fingers to go white and indentations are left in them. thanks for all your posts so far. As you said I am only 6 months in. Although I have played other guitars where it has seemed for less effort to push the strings down. Would more expensive strings be better?

And you are right I do have to pay my dues. I'm bot a quitter especially with such an awesome instrument.