i can't tell you about a Windsor cab, but i have that b-52 cab, and so far i've had no problems, it sounds great (the at-100 head is too) and it does it job flawlessly, from reviews and talking to other owners everyone i've heard from says its durable as hell and a great cab, though it is more pricey than the windsor
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If you are just looking for a cab you might be better off finding a used Avatar cab or something with decent speakers. Check your craigslist if you are in the States. Also, I think warehouseguitarspeakers.com makes cabs at affordable prices.
peavey isn't know for making the best cabs. i've got one to match my vtm, and it's lacking compared to my marshall 1960
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my other guitarist has it, it sounds sooo sloppy,
but, it DOES sound really good when its
running parallel to my XXX 2x12 (Valveking head, BTW)
i'd advise the B-52, i've never tried it, but
i really dislike the windsor.
Out of those two definitely the B-52. No, I don't own either but I have used both and overall the B-52 sounded better to my ears. What head are you using?
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niether, get an Avatar cab
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not much that really does compare to a marshall 1960 cab now is there? B-52 gear really sounds sweet, but there is nothing wrong with the windsor cab when it mathced with the windsor head. Not saying that an upgrade in speakers would hurt ........