Alright so I'm a beginner guitarist and I have a couple of questions about my guitar. Right now I'm playing on an Epiphone Les Paul and these are my questions/concerns:

#1 Right now I'm playing some notes on my guitar I'm getting a really bad rattling noise as almost as if something is rattling around inside the guitar. Now I accidentally dropped my guitar a bit back and cant remember if the sound was there before. However the drop was rather small and didnt seem that serious though it did knock off one of my tone knobs covers.

#2 What should my action be for my guitar as at time I feel like I have to press down way to hard to get the right sound to come out on the strings, and on the same note how does one go about changing the action?

#3 Should I learn to read guitar notes, now bear in mind I know how to read music as I played Trombone and Baritone for a long time. But a lot of people are saying I should just learn tabs, but the thing about tabs is they dont have rhythem with them.

#4 Lastly I'd like to get a new map in the future as right now I currently have a Spider III, but I really have no clue whats a good amp and for a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance.
Blackheart and Blackstar amps are good practice/bedroom amps for a nice price. On LP guitars, there are little thumbscrews on the bridge, not the tailpiece. Lower the bridge down by turning those screws, and that lowers the action.
1. it could be one of your frets buzzing, but idk.

2. your action should be what your comfortable with, do you know how to adjust it?

3. Honestly, think its up to you if you want to read notes. it might help out in the future, it might not.

4. Well the spider III is pretty cool. im mean it depends on what kind of music you like to play, but i think the spider III should be good for a while. maybe look into a marshall or something when you get better, idk. haha

hope i helped somewhat. oh and for 1 and 2 you could probably take it to a guitar tech or something to get it fixed. peace bro!

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what type of epiphone les paul is it? is it an lp-100? because those are geared for beginners more and it comes with rather high action. (i know because my younger brother has one)
if you wanted to lower the action you could, but dont go crazy with it. do you know how to lower the action?

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1.The ratling can be the fret buzz,its normal for cheaper guitars
2.The action should be as low as you like but watch out for some string touching with the frets
3.If you have time learn notes,its useful,especialy when playng with a drummer and composing drums
4.Laney LX series are realy good amplifiers for begginers.There are tons of different amps.
#1: You might want to check your guitar cable for damage and check if your amp is grounded properly.

#3: Tabs are good to learn but also learning the notes and how to read musical notation would be great.

#4: I'm assuming you meant amp, not map. I use my pc amp with software called Guitar FX 3. It's got great quality distortion, a lot of effects, and great clean sound. The only downside is that pinch harmonics don't sustain long and some high ones don't register as well as a good amp. But it's free and great. If you're interested, pm me.
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