Just yesterday I wanted to save my friend some money by fixing his 80's BC rich rave and to my surprise I found the Floyd rose he told me about to be like one I have yet to see before.

Alright I cant take pics but I will attempt to describe it.

It says "Mtg. Floyd Rose Patents". It looks like a strat tremelo system.
The saddles are large and have 2 Pully looking things on them that move and spin.

It has a plastic nut, and the string locks are one the headstock just above the truss rod.

The locking... thing is rather odd looking and the strings are strung through the saddles rather than the body.

The strange saddles are rusted up pretty bad so im modifying the bridge and adding new basic saddles (Its all that can be done im guessing)

Any way this guitar is a BC rich rave, strat style body, black finish on body and neck.
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The neck is very very simular to my Charvel Cx291.

I've looked about and all I could find is that the rave series necks where help planned by early jackson when he was working for charvel
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damn! that thing must be old! are you sure it came on the guitar? it could have been added after it was built. can you find pics online of anything that closely resembles it?
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By the sound of this I have the same bridge. It's on a Washburn G-3V and I can't find any info about it either. I'm missing a part and would like to try to replace it. Have you found out any more about it? I've been looking at the Floyd Rose web sites but can't see anything remotely like it.