would a dying tube cause the clean channel to switch to distortion on its own? and the distortion channel's sound to fade and come back?
(1)Is the actual channel changing, or are you just (2)getting a distorted sound on your clean channel?

If it is problem (1), then it sounds like a problem with your switching relay. If it is problem (2), then it could be a bad preamp tube.

What amp is it?
are you sure its not your pickup ups with a loose conectin, sometimes when that happens it sounds like it goes from distorted to clean b/c the pickup fades out so much
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(1) the channel actually switches. the light goes from green to red. (green being the clean chnnel and red being the distortion)

its an old Crate TD-70 it was made in 1990. a little older than i am. lol its a great amp when it works.
My amp's distortion channel faded into a vintage overdrive, and it was because of a loose power tube, but this might not be what your problem is.
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