I have owned a Cort CL1500 for four years now (a few months less than the total time I've been playing guitar). It's the most amazing guitar I've ever played. That being said, I am in the market for a new instrument. I frequently find myself frustrated at the need to change string gauge to reach different tunings. Since I'm getting a new guitar, I figured I'd look for something with a different spectrum of sound. Budget isn't an problem necessarily because I'll work my ass off to get something high quality. I should note that I play a variety of music from blues to punk to rock to metal. Any suggestions?
my 3rd guitar is an epiphone black beauty 3 p/u. ****in sexy, very versatile - i did have to swap all the electronics and some of the harware off, but thats pretty much what i expect most people to do after owning one for a year, ("youre only as strong as your weakest link, etc").

it cost £350, and i spent about £200 on my own mods, which you might not even need. it knocks the crap outa my £760 telecaster.